Amisha G.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Amisha is currently in the Honours neuroscience program. She chose this program because she loves learning about the brain and it offers a lot of research opportunities. She finds it very helpful when she can apply the knowledge she has learned through research. She currently wants to pursue something in the medical field after her undergraduate degree, but she is not too sure what part of medicine she would like to explore.

Amisha had graduated from Westmount Charter School. Her top three achievements during her high school years were being captain of the senior girls basketball team, where she worked with a program called Sole Girls that taught pre-teen girls the importance of living a healthy active life and focused on female empowerment and was involved in many clubs, like athletic promotion and interact club, which focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere at school and making a tight-knit community!

She chose the University of Calgary as it has such a welcoming atmosphere, great programs and engaging clubs like the Emerging Leaders Program. It also has a lot of research
opportunities and has a great support system for students.

The Prestige award has already dramatically impacted her at UCalgary, as in these unprecedented times she is not pressured to find a part-time job to help with expenses and can focus on her education and getting involved in the UCalgary community.