Amanda N.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Amanda is enrolled in a double degree in Engineering and Commerce. She is attracted to the STEM courses in engineering and intends to pursue a stimulating career with a strong emphasis on teamwork, interpersonal connections, and innovation. Amanda aspires to explore and understand her opportunities using technical strengths to pioneer, to innovate, and to excel in the software industry as a business entrepreneur.

Amanda graduated from Clearwater Academy in Calgary, AB. During her high school years, her top three achievements were: leading a $4000 one-day fundraiser with Student Council as President, maintaining the Principal’s Academic list (an average of 90% and above) since Grade 4, and independently designing and publishing the Clear Water Academy Yearbook.

Amanda chose to study at the University of Calgary because of its reputation, and the feedback about their academics and community that was passed down from her three older siblings, especially distinguishing the engineering program. Attending the University of Calgary will allow her to commute from home, and have the support of her family while she begins her studies.

The Chancellor’s Club Scholarship not only serves as a financial aid, but is also a huge incentive to learn and excel as an innovative student, and to serve and inspire as a community leader. Amanda feels very blessed and humbled to receive this support.