Allison G.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Allison is enrolled in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Biological Sciences. She wants to find ways to use biotechnology to improve people's quality of life without our environment paying the price, and she believes this program will help her do it. After her undegrgradaute degree Allison intends to pursue Masters and PhD degrees, most likely in biotechnology, molecular biology, or plant biology. From there she plans to practice as a scientist in these fields, doing research that she is passionate about.

Before coming to University of Calgary, Allison graduated Ecole Secondaire Notre Dame High School in Red Deer. Her top three achievements in high school were: being able to maintain in diverse subjects throughout high school as the valedictorian of her class; founding a school science club to educate students about opportunities in science through various science-related events, sessions, and activities; and spending a summer in a biomedical engineering lab at the University of Calgary as part of the HYRS program, working on a 3D bioprinting project under the mentorship of Dr. Derek Toms.

Allison chose to study here at the University of Calgary as she was a part of the Heritage Youth Summer Research program (HYRS), she was lucky to spend an amazing summer working full-time in research at the University of Calgary. During this time, she became closely acquainted with the university's top-notch research facilities, their hundreds of labs and working scientists, and the huge number of opportunities available there for a young future scientist to get involved. She also loved the huge open, leafy green grounds, attractive to any botany enthusiast who enjoys the outdoors! And of course she loves that she is still close enough to see my family when she needs them.

Allison explains the impact of receipt of the Schulich Leader Scholarship: “It's impossible to overstate how much of an impact this award has. It means the freedom to pursue whatever opportunities come my way, without having to worry about whether the finances will allow it. Instead, I can focus on my study and growth. I'd like to take the chance to thank all of the people without whom I could not have gotten here: My parents and brother, for their love, confidence, and support; Dr. Derek Toms, Mr. Brad LeMaistre, and Noryne Rauhala, who  supported and mentored me academically and as a person; to the Schulich Foundation and the University of Calgary for providing me with this incredible opportunity; and too many others to name, to whom I will always be grateful.“