Alexandra L.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Alexandra is currently enrolled in a dual degree under the Faculty of Arts in archaeology and social and cultural anthropology. She has always been fascinated by the history of the ancient world and plans to concentrate her studies on ancient Greece and Rome. She plans on doing fieldwork and excavations once she finishes her undergraduate degree. She would like to go back to school and achieve her PhD and become a professor of archaeology (perhaps for UCalgary)! Ultimately, she would like to become a published author.

Alexandra graduated from Howe Sound Secondary School in Squamish, B.C. Her top three achievements during her high school years were being a peer-to-peer educator for the Howe Sound Women's Centre, delivering the Believe Presentation to students in grades 5/6. The presentation was a response by B.C. to address sexual violence in schools by exploring topics such as healthy relationships, harassment, and consent. Additionally being employed as the Events Coordinator and Climate Action Assistant for My Sea to Sky, a non-profit, peoplepowered environmental organization founded to protect and restore Howe Sound and also being a Youth Board Member for the Squamish Food Bank.

She chose the University of Calgary as the university offered her an opportunity to take a dual degree in a subject matter that is a rare undergraduate degree in Canada, rather, it is mostly a graduate degree.

The Prestige Award has offered her an immense amount of mentorship while being at the UCalgary. She is financially stable while being able to be more involved in her new community and its associated opportunities. She is incredibly grateful for the Chancellor's Scholarship and the opportunities it has provided her so far and it will provide her in the future. She hopes to make a big impact on our campus community and within the city of Calgary with her work in women's rights, environmentalism, and leadership abilities.