Alec L.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneur Award

Awards and Scholarships


Alec is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Engineering. He believes if will provide him with broad academic exposure to both the fundamental aspects of engineering, and the innovative developments in the industry. He hopes to continue his passion for creating and developing relevant solutions to modern problems as a Professional Engineer. Alec is particularly interested in developing new technology and finding proactive solutions in emerging and cutting-edge fields.

Alec graduated from Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School in Calgary, AB. During high school, his top three achievements were: co-creating a documentary titled 'Lifeblood,' and presenting it across western Canada to spread an important message on water security and environmental action, creating outdoor guiding websites to address efficiency and safety in trip planning whose resources were published in a local guidebook, and working with the Junior Achievement Company program, winning 'VP of IT of the Year' and 'Website of the year' for a charitable company and returning as an ambassador to promote the program.

Alec chose to study at UCalgary to gain an innovative and novel experience in his post-secondary studies.  He is eager to experience both the diversity in academics and in student life that UCalgary provides its students. Outside of academia, Alec believes the student life at UCalgary will further serve to enrich his post-secondary experience through the provision of leadership, networking, and personal development opportunities.

The prestige award will provide Alec with financial stability through his degree, enhancing his ability to focus on utilizing and contributing to the academic and extracurricular communities at UCalgary. Alec is extremely grateful for the privilege of receiving this award, and is excited to hit the ground running in University and begin working with the brilliant community of Dinos.