Agam A.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Agam is enrolled in the Schulich School of Engineering. She chose to enrol in engineering because it offers complexity and demands ingenuity. Over the next few years, she hopes to learn how to apply her understanding of current problems and work in a team to develop both creative and pragmatic solutions. Agam will decide between working in the industry or pursuing higher levels of education after gaining her undergraduate degree. She hopes to dedicate herself to maturing as a well-rounded engineer and one day, add her own stone to the growing edifice of innovation.

Agam graduated from Westmount Charter School in Calgary, AB. Her top three accomplishments during her high school years were: pitching and developing an app with her team and representing Calgary as a semi-finalist at the Technovation International Challenge, shadowing a neuroscience professor at the University of Calgary for three years and learning how to perform dry lab procedures, and publishing poetry in anthologies and receiving a distinction award for writing.

Agam’s choice to study at the University was driven by the students and staff that she met throughout her high school years. They were remarkably inspiring and encouraging, and she is excited to be welcomed into a community of like-minded students through receiving the prestige award. Because of the generous actions of others, she will be able to enrich her degree with international studies and work experience.