Cindy C.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award for Students Outside the Calgary Area

Cindy C


Cindy graduated from Luther College High School in Regina, SK. While there, she received honours in all four years. She was also the editor of the yearbook and volunteered with shelters and children's organizations.

Cindy was drawn to UCalgary because she finds it encourages collaboration, risk-taking, creative problem-solving, and other crucial skills. She finds that UCalgary goes beyond and emphasizes skills and mindsets that are crucial for lifelong success. She also found peace of mind in the guaranteed placement in her first choice of program.

Cindy is enrolled in the dual Bachelor of Science – Engineering & Bachelor of Commerce program. She chose this program to gain a diverse skill set and give herself an open-ended career path in the future.

Cindy wants to become a biomedical engineer and work with biomaterials so that she can explore and develop life-changing innovations for those in need.

For Cindy, the Prestige Award has financially supported her through her engineering journey and has allowed her to maximize her university experience. She can continue participating in the extracurricular activities she loves and have the time to pursue new interests.

Cindy is interested in researching and developing new and innovative biomaterials and medical imaging devices.