Chandrima P.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award For Calgary Area Residents

Chandrima P


Chandrima graduated from Sir Winston Churchill High School in Calgary, AB. She also attended Mastermind School in Dhaka, Bangladesh for grade 10, where she obtained 10 A stars in her CAIE Ordinary Level Examination. While at Churchill, she completed all 4 semesters with Honours with distinction. She is also a trained Bengali classical dancer and singer and received community awards in recognition of her engagement in choreography and work in representing the various cultural art forms of Bengal.

Chandrima chose UCalgary because she believes the diverse and inclusive environment will help widen her communication and interpersonal skills. She will be given the platform to express her individuality and collaborate with her classmates to create a more sustainable and positive environment of learning. UCalgary provides her with a perfect balance of research opportunities, learning, and community engagement that set it apart from other universities in Canada.

Chandrima is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program. She also plans to pursue a combined degree in a medical science program due to her interests in both medicine and innovation.

Chandrima’s goal is to work in the medical field and apply analytical skills, like problem-solving and innovation, to collaborate and solve current healthcare issues while also making impactful contributions and building meaningful relationships within my community.

For Chandrima, the award inspires her to become a better version of herself every day. It also reminds her of the responsibilities she has as a student and community member, which will help her strive to be perseverant and dedicated in her journey.

Chandrima is interested in exploring how engineering techniques, analytical interpretation, and problem-solving can combine with medical understanding to create solutions to medical issues that hinder people’s lives. In particular, she is excited to learn about ways to improve prosthetic designs and operations to fit human mobility for those with certain disabilities.

In addition to her academic goals, as a cultural aspirant, Chandrima believes in the significance of the performing arts in forming bridges of connection among people and fostering life-long relationships. Exploring cultural art forms and spreading knowledge of them to her community is something she would like to dedicate herself to.