Bethany K.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship for Students Outside the Calgary Area

Bethany K


Bethany graduated from Hampton High School in Hampton, NB. While there, she organized a school-wide fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. She was also part of the student council/grad class executive. Additionally, she graduated with a 98% average.

Bethany chose UCalgary for its strong academic programs, vibrant campus culture, and dedication to innovation. She appreciates the varied range of undergraduate and graduate programs that allow her to personalize her education to align with her career aspirations. Overall, UCalgary’s reputation for academic brilliance, dedication to research, and community made it the ideal place for her to pursue her education.

Bethany is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program because of its dynamic and problem-solving nature, which compliments her curiosity and love for innovation. Engineering provides her with a unique combination of both creativity and analytical thinking.

Bethany aims to be an engineer specializing in sustainability and to contribute to cutting-edge projects for a sustainable future. She wants to leverage her skills in design and project management to make a positive impact for society.

For Bethany, the Prestige Award helps to propel her career by providing financial support, professional insight, mentorship, and networking. She finds it enhances her credibility, opens doors to exclusive projects, and is a catalyst for innovation.

Bethany’s research interests are in sustainability and resource efficiency, with a particular emphasis on finding creative ways to protect the environment. She is interested in projects addressing the issues of climate change, especially those aiming to create sustainable behaviors and technology that lessen carbon footprints and foster ecological resilience. Additionally, she’s interested in exploring the relationship between sustainability and urban planning and how to build more resilient and environmentally friendly communities.

In addition to her studies, she is a representative for the Sustainable Systems Student Society, a member of the Engineering Leadership Program and Engineering Mentorship Program, and enjoys playing intramural soccer.