Ayana A.

Chancellor's Scholarship - General Arts

Ayana A


Ayana graduated from Renert High School in Calgary, AB. While there, she created a female lifting club to help women become more comfortable in a team environment. She also volunteered weekly to help younger students learn how to use gym equipment and perform exercises with correct form. Additionally, she attempted the AP Calculus BC Exam and completed it with a 5.

Ayana was drawn to UCalgary because of its focus on entrepreneurship, which closely aligned with her goals. She hopes to start her own business one day, and she feels UCalgary will provide her with strong connections and the ability to meet other people with similar goals and interests.

Ayana is enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce program, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation because she wants to learn about the process of creating something of her own. She is passionate about combining concepts such as creativity and structure which led her to this area of study.

Ayana hopes to combine her love for the gym and her creativity. She hopes to find a career that keeps her active, allows her to meet new people, and provides the freedom to create something of her own.

For Ayana, the Prestige Award has allowed her to meet many individuals with different and inspiring stories. It also has granted her the ability to pursue her academic interests without the financial burden.

Ayana would love to learn more about the human body and its capacity to react and change. She wants to learn more deeply about the importance of movement and how it impacts our daily lives. She also wants to learn about the process of starting a business.