Aidan J.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship for Calgary Area Residents

Aidan J


Aidan graduated from Golden Hills Learning Academy in Strathmore, AB. While there he built a climate action plan for the Ismaili Council of Canada to reach net-zero by 2030. He also created and ran a capital markets club that focuses on understanding and implementing a dealer position model based on derivative products. Additionally, he developed an algorithm that takes in mass amounts of market data and filters the key effectors attempting to give an edge in the stock market.

Aidan chose to study at UCalgary for its program offerings related to AI development and machine learning; and for its reputation for having a startup culture among many opportunities to combine technical skills with entrepreneurship.

Aidan is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program and plans to major in Software Engineering. With his education, he hopes to explore software design and take advantage of the opportunities in AI and machine learning.

As for career ambitions, Aidan plans to go into the finance space where he hopes to bridge his knowledge of software, developing AI and machine learning with high-frequency and derivatives trading.

For Aidan, the Prestige Award gives him an appreciation for learning and researching new things. He plans to exhaust the resources at hand to continue to build the UCalgary community.

Aidan is most excited to learn about machine learning. He wants to understand how we can train robots to be able to think, act, and feel like humans. He would also like to research the ethics and laws that go along with these advancements in the AI/machine learning industry.