Abbey M.

Dr. Grant Gall Leader in Health Sciences (BHSc) Scholarship

Abbey M


Abbey graduated from Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School in Calgary, AB. While there, she took on a leadership role and developed a form that students could use to report harassment they might be experiencing. She also managed and coordinated four productions in the drama department, including two festivals and two classic stage productions. Finally, she was recognized as Student of the Year in grades 10, 11, and 12 for her contributions to the school community and overall citizenship.

Abbey chose UCalgary for her studies because of the opportunities to succeed in research.

Abbey is enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science program, majoring in Biomedical Sciences. She chose this program because she is passionate about health sciences and was excited about the opportunity to dive in.

Abbey home to work as a clinical researcher in hopes of merging her passions for medicine and learning, and for the interpersonal aspects of the industry. She dreams of being a part of a major medical breakthrough and helping to revolutionize the field.

Abbey’s research interests have been learning about physiology which she hopes to pursue further. She is still open to other areas of health sciences and is excited to see what else she can learn.