Aarushi B.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award For Calgary Area Residents

Aarushi B


Aarushi graduated from Renert School in Calgary, AB. While there she led the Synthetic Biology/iGEM team at her school, aiding in its growth from 6 students to over 30 students and winning over $11,000 in awards. She is also proud of the research she completed, completing a statistical analysis to determine the effects of weather variables on electricity generation from solar panels. Additionally, she founded the first teacher-student community committee at her school to encourage school spirit.

Aarushi chose UCalgary because of its extensive research opportunities and diverse students. She finds the university a leader in research in Canada and she is most excited to be involved in opportunities like iGEM and to work in a lab with some of the top researchers. Some of her earliest memories take place on the UCalgary campus when she was learning how to figure skate.

Aarushi is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program. She finds this program enables her to create and push the boundaries of science in a way that changes the world. For her, engineering opens a world of possibilities to create solutions to difficult problems.

Aarushi is planning to major in either Chemical or Biomedical Engineering. She aims to bridge the gap between the world of synthetic biology with engineering to solve big problems in unique ways.

For Aarushi, the Prestige Award will create the opportunity for her to engage in the things that matter to her. It gives her the chance to focus on giving back to the community through volunteering and research.

Aarushi is most excited to learn about how synthetic biology and engineering can be combined and work together. She will be working with Dr. Colin Dalton this summer on creating microneedles for painless drug delivery. She is also excited to learn more about the entrepreneurial aspects of research as well.

Doing things with intention is very important to Aarushi, she encourages others to believe in themselves and to take action to pursue their dreams.