Vivian B.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Vivian graduated from Ernest Manning High School in Calgary, AB. While there, she participated in a business case competition and won second place. She also received the bronze award in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which encompassed learning a new skill, volunteering, physical activity, and completing an adventurous journey. Finally, through the Volunteer Club, she volunteered for ENGin, a non-profit that helps Ukrainian students improve their English language skills.

She chose to study at UCalgary because she values the many research, travel, and leadership opportunities available to students. She believes that hands-on learning is an innovative concept that allows students to apply their learning in a significant way. For Vivian, UCalgary is an inclusive institution that is always looking for different ways to immerse students in new opportunities to help them learn and grow. She chose UCalgary because she wanted to be part of the innovative and enriching community.

Vivian is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program. She chose to engineer because it is a career where she can expand her interest in math and science while also being creative and finding solutions to global issues.

Vivian’s career ambitions include working for a company (or starting her own business) that focuses on finding solutions to humanitarian problems, such as providing energy, food, or water for people around the world.

While at UCalgary, Vivian plans to take advantage of the travel opportunities offered at UCalgary, as these are great opportunities for personal growth and learning. The Prestige Award will allow her to participate in a semester abroad without the financial burden.

Currently, Vivian does not have specific research interests. She is taking the opportunity in her first year to broaden her knowledge of various aspects of engineering to see what sparks her interests. She is excited to learn more about electrical engineering and its fascinating implications in the real world.