Stephan B.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Stephan graduated from Sir Winston Churchill High School in Calgary, AB. While there, he served as the president of the Math Club which was organized online during the COVID-19 pandemic to help students achieve their goals in math. He was also a member of the Principal’s Advisory Council and worked on various improvements to his school. Finally, in 2022, he graduated from the Fire Cadet Program, an interactive training course about the daily lives and duties of firefighters. He received the ATCO Fire Cadet Scholarship and plans to further follow his studies and advocate for workplace safety.

Stephan was drawn to UCalgary due to its position as one of the top research institutions in Canada, with rich traditions and culture. He appreciates the many opportunities to take part in research projects that could lead to a career in academia along with many internship opportunities. On a personal level, his father is a UCalgary alumnus, and Stephan had many friends choose to study here as well.

Stephan is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program. He chose this program because he is passionate about finding solutions to the problems people face regularly.

In the future, Stephan wants to study mechanical engineering and learn about designing devices that would make people’s lives simpler and better. After he graduates, he would like to be able to apply his skills to solve practical challenges.

For Stephan, the Prestige Award allows him to dedicate his free time to activities that have a positive impact on his community. Stephan is a volunteer with the Campus Food Bank and at Foothills Hospital. He is also the First Year Representative for ESS.

Stephan is interested to learn more about different lab techniques. He has a particular interest in x-ray tomography and nuclear magnetic resonance because they have applications in many different fields such as environmental remediation, health sciences, and petroleum engineering.

Stephan is excited to have been chosen as the Mechanical Lead for the Go-Kart Team in AC Robotics. Their goal is to create an electric autonomous Go-Kart.