Saachi S.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


Saachi graduated from the American School of Bombay in Mumbai, India. While there, she received the Excellence Award in mathematics, physics, and economics. She also worked as an editor for her school’s newspaper and worked with her volunteer group “Share the Music”.

Saachi chose UCalgary for her undergraduate studies because of its renowned engineering program and the amazing research and internship opportunities available to students.

Saachi is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program. She chose this program because she enjoyed physics, chemistry, and mathematics in high school, and she thought engineering was a unique program that is a combination of these interests.

Saachi isn’t certain what she wants to do in the future, but she is excited to discover how she can make a positive impact in the automotive industry.

For Saachi, the Prestige Award will allow her to devote her time to UCalgary and build deeper connections with the community while continuing to challenge herself academically.

Saachi is most excited to learn about how sustainability is affecting the automotive industry and how current advances will impact our daily lives.