Nikko P.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Nikko graduated from Humboldt Collegiate Institute in Humboldt, SK. While there, he maintained a high academic average and was chosen as valedictorian. He also volunteered through various school activities and sports and was a member of the Student Representative Council. Additionally, he applied for a grant on behalf of his school to have an outdoor learning space with trees, a garden, and a greenhouse.

Nikko chose UCalgary for his undergraduate studies because of the many innovative programs and hands-on research opportunities it offers. Nikko admires that Calgary is one of the front runners to future growth in terms of population and businesses. He is excited about Calgary’s future as it grows industrially and economically.

Nikko is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program. He chose this program because he has always been fascinated by the numbers and structures of the world. He aims to build a world that will be safer, more convenient, and more accessible to all.

In the future, Nikko wants to design new and innovative infrastructure for the modernizing world. He hopes to serve the public and rebuild communities to be better, more efficient, progressive, and environmentally friendly for the increasingly fast-paced world.

For Nikko, the Prestige Award has allowed him to be more focused on his education and has allowed him to focus more on extracurriculars such as joining the Engineering Leadership Program and exploring more of what the campus and the city have to offer.

Nikko wants to research ways to reuse materials for future products. With the amount of global waste, he wants to find ways to reduce waste and use the same ideology of recycling in construction. He also wants to research new materials that can withstand environmental factors to provide a stable foundation for infrastructure. His ultimate goal is to provide a safe and environmentally-friendly place for people to live and thrive in.