Kaia T.

Dr. Grant Gall Leader in Health Sciences (BHSc) Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Kaia graduated from Lumsden High School in Lumsden, SK. While there, she became the founder and chairperson of a local KidSport chapter which helps fund sports for families facing financial barriers. She also received the P. R. Ionel Award for her graduating class, which is given to students who demonstrate excellence in academics, athletics, and school/community leadership. Additionally, she was selected as one of twelve Grade 12 students to be a member of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Youth Council which provides feedback to the Minister of Education and the School Board Association.

Kaia chose UCalgary for her undergrad studies because of the innovative culture and opportunity for research. She was drawn to all the opportunities to get involved outside of academics and to be immersed in a strong community and meet new people. Because of her small-town roots, she loves the openness and easy access to nature and activities that Calgary has to offer. Additionally, both the city and UCalgary offer many opportunities to find internships and connect with successful people as mentors.

Kaia is enrolled in Bachelor of Health Sciences – Health and Society because she wanted to see health through a different lens and was drawn to the emphasis the program puts on equality and social determinants of health. She also loves the immersive experience being at the Foothills campus provides.

In the future, Kaia wants to explore the opportunity of medical school. Additionally, he would like to do some work within the field of health policy to help reduce barriers the public faces toward living healthy lifestyles.

For Kaia, the Prestige Awards have allowed her to focus on her education and it gives her the freedom to explore avenues to get involved because volunteering is a passion of hers. It will also allow her the financial freedom to continue her education after her degree.

Kaia is interested in learning more about the impacts of the social determinants of health on public health. She is excited to learn more about ways to be sensitive to these issues and mitigate their impact on the public to create healthier communities, both mentally and physically.