Jason X.

Chancellor’s Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Jason graduated from Sir Winston Churchill High School in Calgary, AB. While there he was the president of the Calgary Science Spelling Challenge, an organization that gives Calgary youth the opportunity to explore their scientific interests through an annual science spelling competition. He also participated in the Alberta Innovated HYRS program – supporting Dr. Walter Herzog in studying the behavior of muscle myofibrils. Additionally, he was the co-founder of the Math Club at his high school, assisting students in understanding and applying math concepts outside of the classroom.

UCalgary is where Jason was first introduced to health research, and where he discovered his passion for it. These experiences, as well as UCalgary’s multidisciplinary and novel research approaches, are what led him to apply to the university for his undergraduate studies. Jason is intrigued by UCalgary’s engaging science programs and its distinguished faculty members. He was also inspired by UCalgary’s dedication to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Jason is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Computer Science program. He chose this program for its advanced and multidisciplinary applications in a variety of industries. He hopes to use his education as a bridge to novel health applications. Jason is in the process of transferring to the Biological Sciences program, as he feels it more closely aligns with his interest in medicine and computer applications in health.

In the future, Jason wants to pursue a graduate degree in medicine. His experiences in health research and volunteering in elderly care have given him a profound appreciation for the support that physicians give to their patients and communities, and he hopes to do the same.

For Jason, the Prestige Award not only reduces the financial burdens of post-secondary education, but also provides him with opportunities for mentorship, community involvement, and networking with other ambitious scholars.

Jason has an interest in research involving machine learning and its applications in the healthcare field. His experiences around this research have given him insight into the potential for machines to help health professionals streamline healthcare, reduce costs, and potentially save lives. He is excited to build his knowledge on the framework of complex computer systems and to learn about human physiology to understand the work of healthcare professionals.