Iliana H.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Iliana graduated from École Windsor Secondary School in North Vancouver, BC. While there, she received the sole Principal’s Excellence Award in her graduating class, recognizing her outstanding scholastic achievement, leadership, success in the performing arts, citizenship, and mentoring through high school. She also became the Assistant Captain of her school volleyball team, and lead them to place in the top 5 in BC at the AAA Provincial Championships. Additionally, she expanded the online bakery that she founded at the age of 10 to include a “The Science Behind Baking” page to generate enthusiasm among youth.

Iliana chose UCalgary for her undergraduate studies because of the hands-on learning experience, especially for engineering. She had also heard positive things about the students, professors, and campus.

Iliana is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program and is planning to major in either Biomedical or Software Engineering. She chose to pursue engineering because of her love for problem-based subjects, such as calculus, physics, and chemistry.

In the future, Iliana hopes to impact society through innovation and entrepreneurship by leading a start-up in AI neural interface technology in hopes of advancing natural intelligence.

Receiving the Prestige Award allows Iliana to focus on her true passions in STEM and entrepreneurship, rather than stressing about finances. It will also allow her to connect with potential business partners who share similar goals.

Iliana is interested in researching how humans can replicate natural systems and intelligence through AI neural interface technology, specifically on how it can be used to correct disabilities (physical and mental).

Iliana feels very fortunate to be guided by many members of her community. She would like to take the opportunity to thank her family as well as each teacher, coach, and mentor for pushing her to her full potential. She wants to extend a special thanks to Mr. Eugene Minn, her volleyball coach and biology teacher, for constantly supporting her over the years and inspiring her to pursue a STEM degree.