Emily S.

Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Emily graduated from Whistler Secondary School in Whistler, BC. While there, she graduated with a Dual Dogwood Diploma, completing both French and English graduation. She was also the co-president of her local Interact Club, raising funds to help send a girl in Uganda to university. Additionally, she received a Service Award for her work on a class trip to Peru, where they helped build a reservoir for the local women to allow them to continue making their products from home.

She chose to attend UCalgary because of its good reputation and highly-ranked engineering program. She also enjoys the number of opportunities within each program and the availability of internship and practicum programs. Additionally, she finds that UCalgary isn’t too far from her hometown, and she now has a chance to get closer to her extended family living in Calgary.

Emily is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program. She chose this because she has always been interested in science and math. This program allows her to combine her interests while exploring new ideas and concepts, and allows her to be creative through problem-solving.

Emily hopes to one day work in a field where she can positively contribute to society. At the same time, she wants to maintain a healthy work-life balance in a field that she enjoys.

For Emily, receiving the award means that she doesn’t have to worry about working a part-time job during the semester and allows her to focus on her studies. She is also able to meet other recipients of this award.

Currently, Emily is interested in learning about the advancements that sciences have made toward discovering a sustainable and limitless energy source via nuclear fusion. In the upcoming years, she is excited to learn more about coding and its applications, as well as dive more in-depth into physics and how forces act on objects.