César G.

Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award

Awards and Scholarships


César graduated from Academia Britancia Cuscatleca in Santa Tecla, El Salvador. While there, he won the national championship with his basketball team and was awarded the Responsible Outstanding Citizen award. He also hosted a creative charity event to raise funds for an organization that aims to build abilities for children with Down syndrome.

César chose to attend UCalgary for his undergrad because he had a sister who had attended and raved about her experiences while studying here. They had talked about the living experience of the thriving community and culture on campus, and she spoke passionately about how she was involved on campus and the relationships she developed, and this piqued César’s interest in studying at UCalgary. He believes that his time here will give him the skills to follow his ambition of becoming a successful engineer while also being a responsible citizen.

César is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program. He chose this program because he has had a lifelong interest in engineering and science and a naturally inquisitive disposition. He also chose this program to broaden his scientific knowledge and learn about one of his main passions.

In the future, César wants to work for a large corporation that helps those around them. He wants to be the person who reviews and fixes issues when they arise.

For César, receiving the Prestige Award allows him to meet new people and build relationships that last for not just his undergrad, but perhaps a lifetime. It also allows him to engage with the community uniquely.

César has a specific research interest in programming, which he developed in his first semester and he is excited to learn more about it.