Caleb S.

Dr. Grant Gall Leader in Health Sciences (BHSc) Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Caleb graduated from Bear Creek Secondary School in Barrie, ON. During his time there, Caleb provided free French-English translation services for francophone refugees in Toronto and Hamilton areas, translating events from business meetings to funeral visitations; empowering people to connect and succeed. Caleb also created a mental health screening tool for his classmates to reflect upon and improve their well-being. He also leads programs to support refugee pastors, empowering them to spread the love of Jesus to people in their home countries.

Caleb chose UCalgary because of the unique interdisciplinary approach of the Biomedical Sciences program, its proximity to the Canadian Rockies, the numerous research opportunities available, and the fact that Calgary had the only Chick-fil-A at YYC.

Caleb is enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Sciences – Biomedical Sciences program. He chose this program because it allows him to pursue his passion for medicine by learning about it from multiple perspectives, and its opportunities for research experience.

As for future career ambitions, Caleb plans to become a missionary surgeon. He wants to travel around the work providing vital medical care and spreading the gospel message.

Caleb feels that the Prestige Award relieves his financial burden, especially as an out-of-province student living in residence. It also paves the way for his future goal of entering the MD program.

As for research interests, Caleb is particularly interested in research around neural function and how it is influenced by different diseases. He would also like to learn more about brain tumors, as they have directly affected his family.

Caleb is very grateful to be selected as a Prestige Award recipient and is extremely satisfied with his choice to study at UCalgary.