Caleb M.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Caleb graduated from Lanigan Central High School in Lanigan, SK. During his time there he started his own piano teaching business, was voted in as one of two student leadership council presidents and led many successful events while working around COVID restrictions, and co-founded an activewear company called Merino Revolution which launched in early 2022.

Caleb chose UCalgary because of its high ranking among research universities, its proximity to the mountains for weekend trips, and its high turnout of entrepreneurs. He is interested in the future of technology and wants to be part of the wave of tech start-up entrepreneurs.

Caleb is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Computer Science program. He chose this program to pursue his interest in the future of technology and to satisfy his fascination with artificial intelligence.

Caleb’s goal is to start up his own tech business which he plans to begin developing during his studies at UCalgary. He hopes to engage some peers to join him in his venture. He will work for others initially after graduation as he builds a self-sustaining business.

The Prestige Award will let Caleb focus completely on academics and enjoying his university experience while not having to worry about funding during the fall and winter semesters.

Caleb is fascinated by the development and integration of artificial intelligence into the future of the planet, and he feels A.I. has unknown and unlimited research potential. He is excited to learn how to find this potential in new fields and integrate it into a business.

Caleb wants to take the chance to thank the Schulich Leader Scholarship Foundation for the amazing opportunity.