Arslan A.

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

Awards and Scholarships


Arslan graduated from Oshwal Academy in Nairobi, Kenya. While there, he was recognized as a top achiever in his school for the O-level exams and A-level exams, scoring maximum grades in both exams. He has been an active delegate in MSMUN and EAMUN conferences and received the award for Best Delegate and Best Speaker. He also represented his school at the Regional Racket Games (Lawn Tennis) and was selected to represent Nairobi County at the National Racket Games.

Arslan chose UCalgary because of the university’s top-notch educational and research opportunities as well as a vibrant array of extracurricular projects. He finds that the university has a diverse community and a great reputation for research and innovation, known worldwide for its supportive and friendly faculty.

Arslan is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science – Engineering program and plans on majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mechatronics. Since his childhood, he has always been curious about the mechanism of machines.

Arslan hopes to gain knowledge to explore his passion for developing new designs and innovative engineering solutions for a better society. He wishes to contribute positively to the environment and help create ways to ensure a brighter future.

For Arslan, the scholarship has boosted his confidence and has motivated him to focus on academics and be actively involved in community service and extracurricular events at UCalgary.

In high school, Arslan innovated the idea of tree planting by converting the funds raised through a wastepaper recycling drive. Similarly, he wants to use the skills he gains at UCalgary to create solutions for a greener environment using recently emerging technology and automation.