Patients have 90 days to clear unpaid accounts. If invoices are still outstanding after 90 days, a withhold will be placed on Student Centre accounts, in accordance with section B.7 of the Academic Calendar, which will affect course registration, transcript access, graduation applications, etc. Patients will be unable to book any medical appointment at the clinic until they attend to their outstanding invoices. If you have any questions or concerns, please email sws.invoices@ucalgary.ca.




Half session $58.00
Full session $88.00
Extended session $130


Half session $62.00
Full session $95
Extended session $142


Half session $68
Full session $99
Extended session $148


Initial assessment $85.00
Repeat treatment $50.00
Repeat visit extended $80.00
Initial assessment $100.00
Repeat treatment $60.00
Repeat visit extended $95.00
Custom orthotics consultation $50 (student)
$60 (campus community)
waived if orthotics are ordered
One pair of custom orthotics $400.00
Second pair of custom orthotics $225.00

Missed appointments for Chiro and Massage Appointments  
First time Warning
Second time Half price
Third time Full fee
AB2 Treatment Plan $50
AB3 Progress note (at request of insurer) $40
AB4 Concluding report $40
AB5 Referral form $50



Uninsured Services

The following fees are based on the Alberta Medical Association Guidelines for Uninsured Services.

Medical care for out-of-country and no-health care patients

(Including Quebec)

Office visit – 03.03A/B $55.00/15 minute int.
Major visit – 03.04A/B $110.00
Psychiatrist first visit $650.00
Psychiatrist follow-up visit $250.00
Injection – 13.59A/13.42A $15.00 per injection
Medical and nursing student immunization


Immunization/travel consultation


Removal of warts, moles etc. Non –surgical treatment (Liquid nitrogen, chemicals, etc.)

$55.00 - $100.00

Tensor bandage


Sling $10.00
Finger splint


Rapid cool


If a service is provided that is not listed above, the rate will be 2X the rate listed in the Schedule of Medical Benefits fee schedule.

Completion of forms/reports

Deferral form $35.00
Sick note


Letter to employer (more complex than sick note) $55.00
Drug exemption form $35.00
Blue cross special authorization form $55.00
General insurance eligibility

$275.00 - $480.00

Attending physician statements (usually billed to insurance company) $125.00 - $375.00
Disability benefit report (form only) $65.00 - $135.00
Disability benefit report (exam and form) $155.00 - $245.00
Canada Revenue Agency Disability Tax Credit form

$60.00 - 120.00

Disabled parking authorization form


SAS forms $35.00
AISH $60.00


Travel/ Immunization Injection Fees

Travel vaccine cost subject to change.

Travel/ Immunization Injection Fees 
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (DTAP)$35.00
Enterotoxigenic E. Coli$40.00 x 1, $75.00 x 2
Hepatitis A (HAV1)$55.00
Hepatitis A (AVA1)$30.00
Hepatitis B (HEPB1)$25.00
Hepatitis A & B (HEPA1&B1)$50.00
Mantoux (MANTX) (Injection fee included)$25.00
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)$35.00
Polio (POLIO1)$50.00
Typhoid, Hepatitis A$85.00
Yellow Fever$135.00

Travel vaccine cost subject to change.

Administrative Services

Transfer of complete medical records to another physician for ongoing pages + care (requested by either patient or physician).         

$25.00 for first 25 pages

$0.25 per page thereafter (If applicable)

Archival retrieval fee (if required)  $30.00

Third party requests for medical records (for insurance, medical, or legal purposes)

Chart information, no forms that need to be filled out.

$80 unless the doctor specifies otherwise
Request by physician for specific information No charge


Third Party Requests for Medicals

Driver’s license (Exam and form)


Varsity Team Medicals $150.00+

Certificate of Fitness (for school, camp or employment) 

Form only

Exam and form




University and College Medicals $150.00+


Alberta Motor Vehicle Insurance

(Usually billed to Insurer)

AB1 Claim for disability benefits $75.00
  Proving copies $80.00 - $0.40 per page


Missed Appointments

(No show for confirmed booked appointments)

Minor visit appointment (10 - 15 minutes) $55.00
Complete physicals (20 - 30 minutes) $110.00
GP Mental health visit (20 - 30 minutes)  $110.00
Psychiatrist first visit (2 hours) $200
Psychiatrist follow-up visit (1 hour) $120