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Group programs

Learn new skills to maintain your well-being.

Upcoming group programs

Group programs

Build the skills you need to deal with the concerns you're having through our group programs. Groups are facilitated by members of the mental health team. 

Our group programs are available to students only. If you have questions about our groups, please email Megan MacKay at

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Megan MacKay at 

  1. Finding Emotional Balance

    This group has been designed to help you develop a wide range of skills for effectively managing emotions, so that you are more likely to reach your goals (and be the person you want to be, as you work toward what matters to you). We will learn and practice skills adapted from a form of therapy called Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Topics will include developing skills in mindfulness practice, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

    Registrants will be asked a series of screening questions prior to being admitted to the group to determine eligibility and the right fit. 

  2. Mindfulness

    Why mindfulness? Mindfulness can reduce stress, anxiety, increase performance, and help us regulate our emotions.

    The purpose of this drop-in group is to learn about different ways in which we can practice mindfulness in our every day life through common teachings, guided meditation, debriefing your experiences, and sharing with others.

    Sessions are held in-person at Student Wellness Services (MSC 370). 


  3. Happiness Basics

    Happiness Basics is a positive, empowering, and experiential workshop based on the principles of positive psychology. During the four weekly sessions, you will be introduced to 12 skills from the different pathways of positive psychology which promote more positive emotions and positive experiences. Happiness Basics has been found to contribute toward improved mood, health, relationships, vitality, and energy.

Why groups?

Group programs can seem daunting (hello, social anxiety), but working through common issues and shared concerns together has benefits such as: 

  • Giving and receiving support
  • Tuning in to your own feelings
  • Building your wellness toolkit 
  • Relating to others in healthy ways