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Chiropractic services at UCalgary

Visit a chiropractor right here on campus. We have appointment times to fit your schedule.

Chiropractic services at reasonable rates

We offer professional chiropractic services to UCalgary students, faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and the public.

Chiropractic service is now available.

Not sure if chiropractic treatment is for you? We treat concerns of varying severity, chronic or acute pain, and injuries. If you’re unsure, you can book an assessment with a chiropractor to discuss if the treatment options available are right for you. To book an appointment, use our online booking system or call 403.210.9355 (select option #3).

  1. Treatments

    Our chiropractors are trained in Diversified Chiropractic Technique.

    They offer a wide range of treatment options including manual adjustments, mobilization, activator, stretching, trigger point and soft tissue therapy, myofascial release and assisted drop table technique.

    Acupuncture, Active Release and Graston techniques are also available with an extra fee.

  2. Homework

    Part of your treatment plan may include activities for you to do at home.

    Programs of stretching or strengthening can help you recover.

    Core exercises, using heat or ice, nutritional changes and ergonomic or postural changes can help also.

    Your chiropractor will show you how to do the homework properly.

  3. Combining chiropractic and massage

    Having massage therapy before your chiropractic appointment can be helpful if you’re having muscle spasms.

    Our chiropractors and massage therapists work together to ensure you get the best care possible.

    If your chiropractor recommends massage therapy, check with your insurance provider as they might require you get a referral for them to cover the service’s fees.

  4. Orthotics

    Custom Orthotics can be helpful for your feet, knees, hips, and low back pain. With new and improved 3D laser technology similar to Invisalign technology, we are able to produce best fitting orthotics for your feet.

    German engineering and American innovation meets Canadian experience and design to produce highest quality orthotics. This technology has minimized human error and maximized accuracy.

  1. Car accidents

    Were you injured in a motor vehicle collision? Chiropractors are primary care providers under the MVA Minor Injury Protocol in Alberta.

    Once your treatment plan is approved by your insurance company, treatment will be direct billed to them.

  2. Workplace injuries

    Were you injured at work? We’re an accredited WCB treatment centre.

    Once WCB receives your forms, they’ll approve a six-week period for your treatment. If you’re still injured after six weeks, an extension can be requested.

Here’s some useful information to get ready for your UCalgary chiropractic services appointment.

  1. Booking an appointment

    To book an appointment, use our online booking system or call 403.210.9355 (select option #3).

    When you call, let us know if this is an initial assessment, new injury or a re-check, or if you usually have a specialty treatment like Acupuncture, Active Release or Graston. 

    • Initial visits: 40 minute appointments which include a history, exam and recommended treatment.   
    • Repeat visits: 15 minutes.
    • 30 minute extended visits for: new injuries, WCB or Motor Vehicle Assessments, or if it has been 2 years or more since your last visit.

    A referral from a medical doctor isn’t needed.

  2. Insurance

    Check your undergraduate student health plan or graduate student health plan for the current rates of coverage for chiropractic services.

    UCalgary employees should check current coverage through Alberta Blue Cross.

  3. Cancellation policy

    Please give one full business days’ notice if you need to cancel an appointment.

    You might be billed for late cancellations or missed appointments. Fees vary by service type.  

Our chiropractic services are available for reasonable fees.

The assessment appointment has a higher fee because it's longer than follow-up appointments.

Repeat visits are billed based on the length of appointment, and whether specialty services like Acupuncture, Graston or Active Release are included.

We have direct billing for Alberta Blue Cross. For all other plans, we'll provide you with a receipt for reimbursement through your health insurance app or online services.

  1. Fees

    Rates for Students and Seniors:

    • Initial Assessment: $85
    • Regular Visit: $50
    • Extended Visits: $80

    Rates for Campus Community:

    • Initial Assessment $100
    • Regular Visit: $60
    • Extended Visit: $95



    • $400 first pair
    • $225 for second pair (If both pairs ordered at the same time)


    • $50 student
    • $60 campus community (waived if orthotics are ordered)

Coming in for an assessment? Here’s some information about what you can expect.

  1. Clothing

    Wear something loose fitting that'll allow your chiropractor to complete your initial examination with ease.

    They’ll need to examine where your pain is located, and likely your spine as well.

    If your concern is in your shoulder, wear a sleeveless top. If your concern is knee or leg related, wear shorts.

  2. Assessment

    During your first appointment, you’ll go over your history of injury and have a physical exam.

    This might include postural, neurological or orthopedic exams, or a spinal assessment including range of motion, and joint and muscular palpation.

    We’ll do all this even if you’ve seen a chiropractor before.

    Then, your chiropractor will discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan with you.

  3. Follow-up visits

    Your treatment plan and length of treatment depends on your concern and how long you’ve had it.

    Age, prior injury, pre-existing conditions and general health can impact treatment as well.

    You may need either regular or occasional repeat visits.

    Your chiropractor can help you set a schedule that works for you.

  4. X-rays

    X-rays are sometimes needed to make the correct diagnosis.

    Your chiropractor can work with you to find the best location for you to be referred. The Sports Medicine Clinic on campus offers X-ray services.

    Most provincial health plans cover the cost of X-rays.

    Let us know if you’re pregnant or have recently had an X-ray.

Our services

  • Acupuncture 
  • Custom orthotics
  • Manual adjustments
  • Mobilization
  • Activator
  • Stretching
  • Trigger point and soft tissue therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Assisted drop table technique
  • Graston techniques
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Kinesiotape
  • Motor vehicle claims