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Reach Out: Suicide awareness and education

Reach Out aims to increase awareness, provide educational opportunities, and encourage open dialogue about the topic of suicide. Reach Out gives the UCalgary campus community the tools to support students in distress through robust, accessible, evidence-based suicide intervention training programs.


Through Reach Out training programs, the UCalgary campus community can play a vital role in suicide prevention by increasing our ability to recognize and respond to those experiencing thoughts of suicide.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Learn to recognize and and review risk of suicide, and how to intervene.

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LivingWorks Start Suicide Prevention Training

LivingWorks Start is a powerful online training program that teaches life-saving skills to recognize and prevent suicide. This is an online, self-guided training program that is open to the UCalgary community at any time. 

We also offer Start Dialogue, which is a 1-hour debrief session for those who have completed LivingWorks Start.

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Question, Persuade, Refer

Learn to recognize and support someone who may have thoughts of suicide.

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Reach out is supported by the UCalgary Suicide Awareness and Prevention Framework and we gratefully acknowledge additional funding from Quality Money through the Students Union.