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Struggling with substance use?

Visit the Harm Reduction Support Advisor 

Are you using substances like drugs, alcohol or tobacco?

If you need support to cut back, guidelines for safer use, or general information and training about harm reduction, the Harm Reduction Support Advisor, Naomi Den Haan can help. Call 403-210-9355 or email to inquire. 


What is harm reduction?

Harm reduction is an approach to substance use and addiction that focuses on minimizing the potential health and social harm to the person using.

Harm reduction focuses on reducing stigma associated with substance use, allowing people using substances to seek support and get information about lower risk guidelines without judgement. 


The Harm Reduction Support Advisor can help if you:

  • Have concerns about problematic substance use, dependency, or behavioural addiction
  • Need support or referrals to substance use programs, long-term treatment, or specialized services
  • Want to provide collaborative, holistic support for students with substance use concerns

Email the Harm Reduction Support Advisor

Interested in harm reduction training? Check out Safer Substance Use: Harm Reduction

This video is part of our campaign to raise awareness about the potential effects of substance misuse on the mental health of students.