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Safer substance use

UCalgary provides harm reduction education, support and resources for students, faculty and staff so they can make informed decisions about their consumption.

The University of Calgary has various safe use supplies to any member of the campus community, no questions asked. Supplies include: fentanyl test strips and safe injection and snorting supplies. For more information, please contact

Supplies were generously provided by Safelink Alberta.

Safer substance use

If you chose to consume drugs, alcohol or other substances, there are ways to do so as safely as possible.

Support is available both on- and off- campus to help manage and reduce the risks of substance use.

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Safer alcohol consumption

Learn about safe ways to drink, and access support for yourself or others when it's needed.

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Safer opioid use

Find out more about opioids and what you can do to prevent harm from an opioid poisoning.

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Safer cannabis use

Get more information about lower-risk guidelines for cannabis consumption, laws and by-laws.