Global Partnership Workshops

Workshop Series: From Conceptualization to Implementation: A Journey Through International Partnership Assessments

The assessment of international partnerships has never been so important. In this post-pandemic world, institutions are becoming more deliberate and focused with their limited resources to ensure sustainability, quality and impact. Targeted, well-informed collaboration with international partners is critical.

The University of Calgary (Canada) and the University of Pittsburgh (USA) have joined forces to share best practices, co-present at conferences across the globe, and are developing a series of workshops inspired by both institutions' unique institutional partnership assessment and inventory tools: UCalgary's International Partnerships Assessment Rating Index (IPARI) and Pitt's Global Partnership Inventory Tracking Tool (GPITT).

This series of workshops strives to provide resources and best practices to institutions at all stages of assessment: from conceptualization and early development to implementation and maintenance/revision of existing tools.

All partnership workshops jointly hosted by the University of Calgary and the University of Pittsburgh offer opportunities for professionals to discuss best practices, engage in brainstorming sessions, and work collaboratively to create unique assessment/inventory tools to support their own institution’s strategic plan and global goals.

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