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Global Development

We’re all about capacity development that creates future leaders, strengthens organizations and systems and brings in the expertise and technical assistance you need. We work with you to achieve meaningful results through education, research, and innovation.

We leverage University of Calgary’s unique expertise and capacities in research and education to provide solutions that improve the quality of life for disadvantaged children, men and women in the developing world. Developing capacities of individuals and institutions, working with the civil society, governments, academia and the private sector, our impact can be seen in improved quality and delivery of social services.

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Akon Juach

Empowering refugee youth: Akon Juach's journey and the Kakuma Empowerment Program

Akon Juach, a Communication and Media undergraduate and former refugee turned advocate, shares her remarkable journey and the impactful initiatives she spearheads through the Kakuma Empowerment Program. From a challenging upbringing to creating opportunities for others, Juach's story embodies resilience, determination, and the transformative power of education.