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Eligibility requirements are listed on each program webpage. If you have any questions about eligibility criteria for a program, email for questions about exchange or research programs, or for questions about Group Study Programs.

Your academic advisor should be aware of your intention to incorporate a Global Learning degree. You'll need to ask them questions like: 

  • How will studying abroad would fit into your degree?
  • When you can go abroad in your degree?
  • What type and level of courses should you take abroad in order to meet your degree requirements? 

Contact your advisor before applying so you have a good understanding of everything that could factor into your choice of program and when you might go abroad.

Your program might be a competitive one! 

You can apply to 3 programs at a time and rank them in your order of preference to be accepted.

Explore more programs and find a few good backup options to apply to as well using our program finder links below.

Having a little extra funding can make a big difference in your experience and sometimes change which programs you apply to. 

Check out the available funding opportunities you can apply to to make your Global Learning experience more affordable. 

Detailed application instructions for each program can be found under "How to Apply" on each of the program-specific pages, so please read that section thoroughly before beginning any application.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or set up an appointment with a Global Learning Advisor and clear up any questions you may still have before applying. 

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