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International student support

At Career Services, we provide support services and customized advising specifically for international students of all levels.

Here, you can find online information and resources, as well as workshops that can help you better understand Canadian culture, what it's like to work here, and how you can start a career here. 

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Liliana Gonzalez
Available Monday - Thursday
Career Development Specialist, International Students

Ariane Guan
Available Friday Only
Career Development Specialist, International Students


Services and programming

One-on-one support with a dedicated career specialist

  • Assistance with resumes, cover letter, interviews, LinkedIn & job search 
  • One-on-one advising on how your degree can transition into a career
  • Support with unique international student needs, such as intercultural communication, Canadian application processes, understanding Canadian work culture, etc.

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International student employment experiences

A part of International Student Services' ongoing International Student Stories series. In this event, you'll hear from international students about their various work experiences in Canada. 

A collaboration between International Student Services and Career Services.

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Culture, identity and navigating career choices

Explore career choices as an international student, share your experiences, gain from the experiences of others, foster a discussion, and create support. Presented in collaboration with Student Wellness Services.

How to gain valuable Canadian experience and find a job in Canada

Explore options for gaining Canadian experience and learn about job search engines and innovative ways of searching for a job.

What to do after you graduate

Learn how to effectively make decisions and career plans for after graduation. Identify what to consider if returning to your home country or staying in Canada (Permanent Residency). Presented in collaboration with International Student Services.

Working in Canada: Resumes, interviews and work permits

An overview of the Canadian application process, including documents needed to apply for jobs, interviews and work permits. A regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will also be present. Presented in collaboration with International Student Services.

*Recommended for all international students planning to work in Canada

How to prepare for a Canadian career fair as an international student

Learn what a career fair is and why it’s important in Canada. Understand how to prepare, which companies to target and what to do during and after a career fair.

How to write a Canadian resume and cover letter

Learn how to structure a resume and cover letter, write accomplishment statements, analyze a job description and target your application when applying to jobs in Canada.

Canadian interviews and how to prepare for one

Get the information you need to prepare and succeed in a Canadian interview! You will learn what to do before, during and after the interview.

Canadian workplace culture and your career success in Canada

Understand and adjust to the unwritten rules at work in Canada, how your cultural background 

influences your actions, as well as strategies to integrate into the Canadian workplace.

Connecting with other people in Canada (networking)

Learn what networking is, why it is important, how to use LinkedIn and how to maintain professional


Additional resources

Working in Canada

International Student Services (ISS) has Regulated Immigration Advisors who are legally authorized to provide advice on Canadian study permits, work permits, visas and Permanent Residence. To take advantage of these services as a current or newly-admitted UCalgary international student, or if you have graduated from UCalgary within one year of convocation, please email ISS from your UCalgary email.

Learn more about working in Canada

Working on campus

A part-time job on campus can be a very convenient option for students. This resource explains what is required in order to apply for work.

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Career-boosting strategies for international students studying in North America

As an international student looking to gain career-building experience in North America, your challenge will be proving to employers that you have a solid understanding of North American business protocol and can build bridges between the local culture and your own. Your academic training will not adequately prepare you for the professional work environment. You’ll need more experience to learn how to plan, organize, work in teams and understand the politics of work and leadership. 

Learn how to build up your experience with this PDF guide from MyWorldAbroad.

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What's your international IQ?

This resource describes what skills internationally-focused recruiters are looking for, and what it takes to succeed abroad in a multicultural team. 

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Career Clip: Intercultural Communication and Career Success

This short video will help shed light on how you can improve your communication skills to succeed in a diverse, multicultural workplace.

Watch the Career Clip