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Career Development Specialist, Master's Students

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Career Development Specialist, PhD Students


Services and programming

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  • Assistance with resumes, cover letter, interview preparation, LinkedIn use and job search 
  • Guidance with self-assessments to discover your strengths and aptitudes
  • Advice on how your degree can transition into a career

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Drop-in advising

Have quick questions for a career development specialist? Join a drop-in session on Zoom.

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Elevate Your Future program

Want focused and structured career development? Take part in Elevate Your Future, a career management program offered by Career Services for graduate students. You can participate at any time, based on your needs and preferences.

Students who complete the program requirements within two years are also eligible to receive a letter of completion.

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Taking the wheel: Managing and owning your career development

Understand and apply the career management framework, engage in self-reflection to know and describe yourself better, and create a development plan for life-long career management and success.

Strength stories: How to explore, maximize and communicate your top five strengths

Explore your top five strengths in relation to your own experiences, practice talking about your strengths and apply them to build strong team dynamics.

Researching and refining your career options

Learn how to employ research to generate a list of real career options and use effective career decisionmaking strategies to narrow the list to your best-fit options.

The world outside of graduate school: Job search strategies for non-academic careers

Apply practical, proactive strategies and resources to conduct an effective job search, uncover hidden job opportunities and stand out in the candidate pool.

Resumes and cover letters for non-academic careers

Increase your chances of getting an interview by turning your academic CV into a targeted resume, creating an impactful cover letter and properly responding to a job posting.

The academic track: Job search and professional documents

Get tangible and comprehensive tips to navigate the academic job search process and construct effective professional documents, including CVs, cover letters, and teaching, research and diversity statements.

Your social media brand: LinkedIn, Twitter and beyond

Use social media platforms to enhance your professional online presence and develop a plan to connect with influential people within your desired career field.

Interview 101: Strategies and best practices for hiring situations

Understand the hiring process, learn strategies to answer common questions and negotiate your salary.

Interview strategies for academic careers

Effectively prepare for an academic interview, practice discussing your skills confidently in hiring situations and learn how to navigate negotiations.

Professional networking skills for graduate students

Learn what networking really is and how to best leverage your personality style when talking with others. Develop a personalized pitch and learn strategies for initiating and following up with contacts.

Unwritten rules: Understanding business culture and career transitions

Effectively navigate business culture through appropriate professional communication, conflict management and workplace interpersonal relationships.

Building career resilience in a changing world

Understand your motivators, create a future vision of your career and learn strategies to develop a growth mindset.

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