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Explore Micro-Placements Program

Providing skill development through micro-placements

The Explore Micro-Placements program provides a range of micro-experiences to help students in their career exploration and development.

These experiences include short-run projects, externships or job shadowing that allow students to focus on practical knowledge and skill development while exploring various career paths/industries.

Placement types

  1. Job shadowing placements involve 4-8 hours of students shadowing an employer to gain insight into a particular company or field. 
  2. Project-based placements involve 30-40 hours of hands-on work with an employer where students can contribute to something specific. Projects can range from introductory to advanced work.

Placements can be online, onsite, or a combination of both. Hours of the micro-placement are arranged between the student and employer which allows for much flexibility. They can be as short as one week, or a maximum of eight weeks. This experiential program will have ongoing intake throughout the year.