Career Clips

We know that as a student, you've got a lot on your plate. That's why we've summarized the most important information you need to know into these bite-sized clips. 

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Job Search Basics

Resume: Appearance and Format

The visual aspects of your resume is as important as the content. Learn how to make it stand out!

Resume: Content and Sections

It's important to represent your skills, education, and experiences accurately. Learn how to write effective content, and how to best prioritize it!

Targeting the Job Posting

The key to a great application is to target the job posting. Pay extra attention to the skills and keywords, and address those through your resume and cover letter.

Cover Letters

Find out how to format the cover letter and what each paragraph should be comprised of.

Interview Prep

The interview is all about you, so make sure you know how to present your skills, experiences, and highlights to others!


Who can be a reference? How many do I need? Can I use one from years ago? Check out the video to have these answered!

Translating the CV into a Resume

CV's are more academic focused, but what if you are pursuing opportunities outside of academia? Learn how to turn your CV into a resume that is suitable for industry positions.

Phone and Video Interviews

As the nature of work shifts with technology, remote interviews are becoming increasingly common. Learn how to prepare and conduct yourself for a phone or video interview so you can make the best impression, no matter where you are.

How to Identity Job Scams

Job scams are becoming more tricky and sophisticated. Look for unusual signs and remember to stay vigilant when applying!

The Job Search Process

Looking for a job is hard work! Learn how to remain positive, persistent, and patient as you go through your job search.

Resume for Science Majors

If you're completing a Science program, then this resume video is for you! Learn how to incorporate your projects, lab and technical skills on the resume.

Resume for Education (BEd) Students

If you're an Education student, you'll likely be applying to different school boards near the end of your degree. Learn what's need to be on your resume, such as a teaching philosophy and teaching practicums.

Experiential Learning at UCalgary

At UCalgary, there is an increased focus on Experiential Learning. This means that there will be many opportunities for you to gain hands-on experience and meaningful reflection!

Advanced Job Search Techniques

Career Fairs

Career Services hosts several career fairs throughout the school year. Get some tips on how to prepare and what to bring!

Negotiating Salary

Salary can be a tricky topic to discuss. Learn how to approach and negotiate your salary expectations.

How to Network

Networking can take place anytime, anywhere. Find out who you can connect with and why networking is an important skill to have!

Multiple Mini Interviews

If you have an upcoming MMI, watch this clip to get the basics on how to get into the proper mindset and how to prepare your responses to those tough questions.

Success In Your Career

Intercultural Communication

Workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse, which means it's important to understand your own and other’s communication style and to learn how to adapt.

Conducting Information Interviews

Information Interviews involve asking the experts for knowledge and advice on a particular career, company, and industry. They can be useful in your own decision making!

Considering Graduate School

Grad school is an option that many people consider, but is it something that you really need? It's crucial to ask yourself the right questions, and to do adequate research before deciding.

Professionalism in the Workplace

Okay — so you've got the job. Congrats! Now, consider how you handle yourself in your new workplace. Proper and appropriate conduct is vital in maintaining a positive reputation, work relationships and career growth.

Knowing Your Strengths

We all have strengths, but do you how to properly communicate them? Whether it's on the resume or in an interview, or even while networking, knowing how to talk about your strengths helps others understand who you are and how you work.

Self-discovery and Career Assessments

Formal assessments can help you make important academic and career decisions and can help you better understand yourself. Find out the what suits you best!

Careers in Indigenous Education

Interested in Indigenous Education? Hear from different school boards in AB, BC, and NWT on what they look for and how to apply!