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Craft Your Advising Philosophy over Cookies and Carols

Presented by Members of your UCAN Steering Committee

Join us for carols, a brief recap on advising philosophies, an opportunity to get crafty with art supplies, and a chance to connect with colleagues and friends, old and new.

There will be light refreshments, lots of crafting supplies, and a laminator onsite if you'd like to immortalize your advising philosophy.

If you've finished yours already, email it to us! We can laminate it for you ahead of time, and if you'd like, we can even set it in one of our designed templates. Email us for more info.

What is an advising philosophy?

It is what guides your advising decisions, determines your advising goals and objectives, and ultimately informs why you advise the way that you do. You already have one, even if you haven’t formalized it yet.

Why would you want to craft one?

A personal advising philosophy is a living document that can give you a sense of clarity and focus in day-to-day interactions with students and in your long-term career planning. It can be a positive, intentional reminder of what keeps you engaged and energized in your work.

What should an advising philosophy look like?

Whatever you’d like! Get creative—put your advising philosophy into words, draw it, make a mind map, collage or something 3D. We will provide crafting supplies and positive vibes! Feel free to bring your laptop if you prefer to work digitally. You are welcome to bring any other materials you may need.

After attending this session, participants will:

  • Understand how and why to create an advising philosophy.
  • Gain resources (and art supplies) to craft their own advising philosophy.
  • Feel a bit more festive and energized for the new year.
Crafting Your Advising Philosophy
We will send a confirmation of registration and reminder email to you two days in advance of this event. If you have any questions please email