PASS Program

Improve your comprehension and academic performance by attending free, organized study groups for PASS designated courses. Through supplemental instruction, PASS Leaders can help you with course content through directed group discussion in a course-specific context.


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Steve Mason

PASS Program

Sessions are currently being offered in the following courses:

Fall 2021: ACCT 217, ECON 201, ECON 203, ECON 301, ECON 357, ECON 395, ENGG 201, ENGG 225, ENDG 233, FNCE 317, LING 201, MGST 217, PHIL 279, PHIL 379, PHYS 211/221, SOCI 201, SOCI 311, STAT 213.

Winter 2022: ACCT 217, ECON 301, ECON 357, ECON 395, ENME 341, ENGG 201, FNCE 317, KNES 263, LING 201, MGST 217, PHIL 279, PHIL 379, PHYS 223, STAT 213.

Please note that course listings may change at any time. 

PASS will help you succeed academically in your course by offering alternative approaches to course material and using strategies that you may find difficult. You get as much out of a PASS seminar as you put in: if you collaborate, answer questions, and work with others, you will learn a lot and probably make a few friends too!

A PASS leader is a student who has recently taken the same course you have. PASS Leaders lead group discussion, and create collaborative activities and worksheets that help you understand difficult course concepts. PASS Leaders are not TAs or instructors, and will not give you answers to tests or assignments. They will help you understand the course material as a peer and as a friend.

Ask your PASS leaders! They're here to help you succeed and are happy to answer your questions. If you'd like more detailed information about the PASS program, please contact the program coordinator using the contact details listed at the top of this page.