PASS Program

In Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) you can join your classmates in free regularly scheduled group study. In PASS, you will develop understanding and practice application of your course content, supported by your PASS leader.


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PASS Schedule

The Fall 2022 PASS Schedule can be found on Elevate!

Login to and select "Student Success Centre" then "PASS Sessions" to access the schedule for all courses.  

Contact info

Steve Mason

Become a PASS leader

Applications are currently closed.

Check back later in the semester for postings for Winter 2023. 


What is the PASS Program?

PASS will help you succeed academically in your course by offering alternative approaches and strategies to course material that you may find difficult. You get as much out of a PASS seminar as you put in: if you collaborate, answer questions, and work with others, you will learn a lot and probably make a few friends too!

Sessions are facilitated by a PASS Leader who is a student who has recently taken the course in question. Through group discussion, collaborative activities, and worksheets, PASS Leaders can help you better understand difficult course concepts. PASS Leaders are not TAs or instructors, and will not give you answers to tests or assignments. They will help you understand the course material as a peer and as a friend.

If you’re in a PASS course, you can learn more about the program through your course D2L and by speaking to your PASS leaders. They're here to help you succeed and are happy to answer your questions. If you'd like more detailed information about the PASS program, please contact the program coordinator using the contact details listed at the top of this page. 

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Fall 2022

You can attend PASS for the following courses this Fall:

ACCT 217 LING 201
CHEM 209 LING 301
ECON 301 MATH 211
ECON 357 MATH 275
ECON 395 MGST 217
ENDG 233 PHIL 279
ENGG 201 PHYS 211
ENGG 225 PHYS 221
FNCE 317 POLI 399
GEOG 380 SOCI 311
GEOG 480 SOCI 331
KNES 363 STAT 213


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Winter 2023

You can attend PASS for the following courses this Winter:

ACCT 217 LING 201
CHEM 209 LING 353
ECON 301 MATH 211
ECON 357 MATH 277
ECON 395 MGST 217
ENGG 201 PHIL 279
ENGG 202 PHIL 379
FNCE 317 PHYS 223
GEOG 310 SOCI 315
GEOG 485 SOCI 333
KNES 263 STAT 213


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