Community Based Art & Community Engagement

YYC/LRT Bids Farewell to the Downtown West

YYC/LRT is a research project of UCalgary researchers and Contemporary Calgary exploring how bringing contemporary art out of the gallery and into the streets can build community. From late winter 2022  until the end of July, 2023, YYC/LRT offered artmaking workshops and events in the Downtown West to build relationships and learn about what matters to folks in the Downtown West.

It has been an incredible journey. We have worked with people of all ages, on projects that took less than an hour to intensive workshops that included several sessions for a month. Amateur artists and professionals participated. People with now artmaking experience joined us.

We learned that when we come together to make art, we create community as we share our stories, our skills and our understandings.

We learned that people will come to the Downtown West, even if they haven't been here before, even if they thought is was "kind of sketchy", when they are invited to participate in the arts. When they come they discover a neighborhood that offers, in the words of some of the participants: great coffee and food; interesting murals; a great little book shop; vibrancy and liveliness. And so much more...

We learned that making art together helps us overcome isolation, loneliness, and fear.

The YYC/LRT team would like to thank all the participants, its partners, and funders for making the project such a success.


Where does YYC/LRT's journey take it next? YYC/LRT will return to nvrlnd Art Foudation (nvrlnd.ca) at the end of August, 2023. Look for it at 1048 21 Avenue SW, Calgary.


During the month of March, 2023 Nürgul Balać worked with six talented artists who have recently immigrated to Canada to hear their stories and support them in creating works of art to share these stories with Calgarians. The work is on exhibition at Contemporary Calgary until August 28. Take some time to visit and learn about what it is like to find a new home in a place that is so different, in so many ways.

Artists include: Medina Ardic, Firuze Avci, Melika Forouzan Pour, Shiyao Fu, Tayebe Joodaki, Maryan Mahdavian.



If you are 55+, join us for Open Studio* at Contemporary Calgary Fridays from 2:00 - 5:00! For more information and to register, click here.

*Please note that while tea and cookies are supplied, tools and materials are not. Participants must bring what they will need to work.

Jennifer Eiserman (Far Left, Second Row), YYC/LRT Principal Investigator with UCalgary Students at Opening of Kerby Centre Project exhibition.

The YYC/LRT Team

Who is behind YYC/LRT?


The Big Move and Getting Settled In

What does it take to move an LRT car across the city and settled into its new home in the Downtown West. Join Bryan Faubert and Jennifer Eiserman on the journey.

Land Acknowledgment Project participant practicing stencil graffeti.

What’s Up at YYC/LRT?

YYC/LRT is a community art studio that welcomes artists and performers to work and play from the space.

Book with YYC-LRT

Define your project and book to use YYC/LRT.

Hanging out at YYC/LRT

Hanging out at YYC/LRT

YYC-LRT and Research about Community Based Art

YYC-LRT: Community Based Art and Community Engagement is a research project contributing to the Future of Stephen Avenue Project as well as Contemporary Calgary's explorations into community engagement.

Our Community Partners

YYC-LRT Community Based Art and Community Engagement couldn't happen without our community partners. We are so appreciative of their support, and look forward to working with on projects throughout  the coming 16 months.

YYC/LRT participates in Stampede Parade 2022.

YYC/LRT participates in Calgary Stampede 2022.