Community Based Art & Community Engagement

YYC/LRT: Let’s make art and build community!

YYC/LRT is a research project of UCalgary researchers and Contemporary Calgary exploring how bringing contemporary art out of the gallery and into the streets can build community. Beginning in 2022 and continuing until August, 2023, YYC/LRT will be offering artmaking workshops and events in the Downtown West to build relationships and learn about what matters to folks in the Downtown West.

Join us for the opening during Contemporary Calgary's Free First Thursday, January 5, from 4:00 - 9:00pm.

Have an idea for a project? Would like to use YYC/LRT for your own event? Let us know. Go to "Book with YYC/LRT".

Jennifer Eiserman (Far Left, Second Row), YYC/LRT Principal Investigator with UCalgary Students at Opening of Kerby Centre Project exhibition.

The YYC/LRT Team

Who is behind YYC/LRT?


The Big Move and Getting Settled In

What does it take to move an LRT car across the city and settled into its new home in the Downtown West. Join Bryan Faubert and Jennifer Eiserman on the journey.

Land Acknowledgment Project participant practicing stencil graffeti.

What’s Up at YYC/LRT?

YYC/LRT is a community art studio that welcomes artists and performers to work and play from the space.

Book with YYC-LRT

Define your project and book to use YYC/LRT.

Hanging out at YYC/LRT

Hanging out at YYC/LRT

YYC-LRT and Research about Community Based Art

YYC-LRT: Community Based Art and Community Engagement is a research project contributing to the Future of Stephen Avenue Project as well as Contemporary Calgary's explorations into community engagement.

Our Community Partners

YYC-LRT Community Based Art and Community Engagement couldn't happen without our community partners. We are so appreciative of their support, and look forward to working with on projects throughout  the coming 16 months.

YYC/LRT participates in Stampede Parade 2022.

YYC/LRT participates in Calgary Stampede 2022.