What’s Up at YYC/LRT

YYC/LRT is a community art studio that welcomes artists and performers to work and play from the space. So far, we have

  • Learned about contemporary art with Kerby Centre members;
  • Danced with DJ Axel Tardieu;
  • Celebrated media art with Bryan Faubert and the Particle+Wave festival;
  • Discovered our connection with The Land with Indigenous Knowledge Keeper Cheryle Chagnon Greyeyes, and artists Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal and Seth Dodinghorse, Nicole Tritter and Bryan Faubert;

Celebrated Calgary’s diverse community at the Stampede Parade.

Free First Thursdays with Contemporary Calgary

YYC/LRT and Contemporary Calgary will be collaborating on Free First Thursday! For more information:



Telling Our Family Stories Through Art

Unison at Kerby Centre members will share their family stories through collage, photography and drawing projects inspired by Human Capital, (originating with the Mackenzie Art Gallery and reimagined collaboratively with Contemporary Calgary). This program will be held at Contemporary Calgary, across the street from Kerby.

Kerby Centre members can register by contacting: AditiS@kerbycentre.com.

Painting Classes with Tayebe Joodaki

Instruction in drawing, oil painting, acrylic, chalk pastel, watercolor and pencil.

Starting Now: Sundays 11:00am - 1:00pm

Starting October 1: Saturdays 2:00 - 5:00pm

Contact information:

Phone: (587 834 4322)

Email: tayebejoodaki@yahoo.com

Instagram: https://Instagram.com/dreampainting.artgallery

Tayebe Joodaki, Rewwa, Oil on Canvas

Tayebe Joodaki, Rewwa, Oil on Canva Tayebe offers art classes from YYC/LRT Saturdays and Sundays!


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