News and Events



May 19: UToday News highlights Dr. Du's New Frontiers in Research Fund-Exploration (NFRFE) project "Application of image recognition and machine learning to identify, localize, and quantify leak of natural gas". (link)


April 26: Ying Xiong passed his Ph.D. thesis defense. Congrats, Dr. Xiong!


August 13: Ying Xiong presented his research at a seminar host by Dr. Scot T. Martin group at Harvard University.

April 29: Zhenyu Xing passed his Ph.D. thesis defense. Congratulations!


May 6: Ph.D. student Minxing Si joined our group. Welcome!

April 30: Ying Xiong and Sheng Li passed their PhD candidacy exams. Congratulations!

January 21: Dr. Mark J. Rood from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) visited our lab and gave a talk about his research on "Optical Remote Sensing of Particulate Matter to Quantify Plume Opacity and Mass Emission Factors".


September 3: Ph.D. student Yanna Liu joined our group. Welcome!

June 12: Dr. Du received "Schulich School of Engineering Teaching Achievement Award". Congratulations!

March 29: Dr. Du was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure starting on July 1, 2018. Congratulations!


September 4: Ph.D. student Ying Xiong joined our group. Welcome!

June 21: Dr. Du received "Schulich School of Engineering Teaching Achievement Award". Congratulations!

Feburary 14: Zhenyu Xing passed his PhD candidacy exam. Congratulations!

January 2: Ph.D. student Sheng Li joined our group. Welcome!


November 7: Press release about our PEMS initiative by ProcessWest Magazine (link).

November 7: Jiabin Zhou, Xiaoyan Huang, and Kuangyou Yu received their M.Sc. degrees. Congratulations!

September 2: M.Sc. student Neeraj Prakash joined our group. Welcome!


October 22: Ph.D student Zhenyu Xing joined our group. Welcome!

January 5: M.Sc. student Jiabin Zhou joined our group. Welcome!


August 31: M.Sc. student Kuangyou Yu joined our group. Welcome!

August 15: M.Sc. student Xiaoyan Huan joined our group. Welcome!