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Current Students

Ph.D. students:

  • Li, Sheng (2017) Thesis: "Quantification of Fugitive Emissions from Area Sources"
  • Liu, Yanna (2018) Thesis: "Development of Sensing Materials for NO2 Monitoring"
  • Si, Minxing (2019) Thesis: "Application of Machine Learning Technologies in Environmental Monitoring"

M.Eng student:

  • Akhtar, Fahmida (2014)
  • Talukder, Atashi (2015)
  • Mohiuddin, Saadiq (2017)
  • Begum, Rukshana (2017)
  • Mugdho Aosaf (2022)

Graduated students:

  • Xiong, Ying: Ph.D., University of Calgary, April 2021, Thesis: "Characteristics, Sources and Health Risk Assessment of Ambient Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Industrial, Coastal and Urban Regions of Western Canada"
  • Xing, Zhenyu: Ph.D., University of Calgary, April 2020, Thesis: "Tracking Sources of Atmospheric Particulate Matters in Regions Dominated by Intensive Human Activities: from Site-Specific Receptor Modeling to Large Scale Satellite Observation"
  • Prakash, Neeraj: M.Sc., University of Calgary, June 2016, Thesis: "Hydrocarbon Detection using Near Infrared Incoherent Broadband Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (NIR-IBBCEAS)"
  • Huang, Xiaoyan, M.Sc., University of Calgary, November 2016. Thesis: "Emission Measurement of Air Pollutants from CNG-gasoline Bi-fuel Vehicles"
  • Yu, Kuangyou, M.Sc., University of Calgary, October 2016. Thesis: "Chemical Characteristics of Ambient Fine Particles in Calgary"
  • Zhou, Jiabin, M.Sc., University of Calgary, August 2016. Thesis: "Chemical Characterization and Source Apportionment of Ambient PM2.5 over Key Emission Regions in China"
  • Wang, Yang, Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences, January 2014. Thesis: "Development and Implementation of Optical Methods for Measuring Mass Concentration, Mass Absorption Efficiency of Ambient Black Carbon Aerosols and Black Carbon Emission Factors for Motor Vehicles"
  • Li, Yanli, Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences, May 2014. Thesis: "The Study of 3D Distribution Characteristics of Urban CO2"
  • Liu, Sze-ling, M.Sc., September 2011 (co-advised with Prof. Nigel Bell at Imperial College London), Thesis: "The Contribution of Black Carbon to Atmospheric Haze in Ambient Aerosols: a Case Study in Jimei District, Xiamen, China"

Postdoc and Visiting schorlars: