Prospective students

PhD for 2022 fall enrollment:

I am accepting applications for PhD study in Environmental Engineering who will work on the projects in one of the following areas

  1. Optical remote sensing of fugitive gas emissions using Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) and application in quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from industrial plants, such as oil and gas facilities, wastewater treatment plants.
  2. Development of sensors for NO2, NO, N2O, or NH3 in gas or liquid phase.
  3. Ambient aerosol studies, aerosol characterization, source apportionment, long-range transport studies, etc.

The skills could be used in the projects include dispersion modeling, labview, CFD, application of different machine learning algorithm in emission or parameter prediction, new material synthesis and characterization, PMF, CMB, PCA, GC/MS, IC, OC/EC analyzer, etc.

Please contact for your interest and qualifications. Formal application needs to be submitted to the University of Calgary ( Only the top candidates will be selected for phone/virtual interview.

Staff and Post-Doctoral Research Associate