Sustainability week

Sustainability Week 2023

Resilience, Reciprocity & Renewal

Oct. 23–28, 2023

Join us during Sustainability Week and explore meaningful engagement with sustainability on campus and beyond. Community members will have the opportunity to connect with sustainability leaders, discuss timely  issues with peers and learn ways we can achieve local and global impact in sustainability. This week’s events include speaker panels, interactive workshops, and discussions on topics such as climate action, sustainable practices, and equity. The Sustainability Week 2023 theme is Resilience, Reciprocity and Renewal. 


Resilience, Reciprocity and Renewal

The 2023 theme is guided by UCalgary’s ii' taa'poh'to'p Indigenous strategy to promote cross-collaboration and inclusive learning opportunities that educate, build awareness and understanding of sustainability from diverse perspectives and worldviews. Renewal and Reciprocity are key tenets of Indigenous worldviews and make up the founding principles of the Indigenous strategy. By applying an Indigenous framework, we aspire to create communities and relationships that are resilient, reciprocal, and sustainable for all life.  

We encourage you to explore the Indigenous strategy to learn how it guides UCalgary on its path of transformation and reconciliation.  

View upcoming events for Sustainability Week 2023 below. Some events will be offered online, and others presented in-person. If you have questions, please contact

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