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Sustainable Events Program

When we plan more sustainable events, we put our values into action. Every event, no matter how small, offers us an opportunity to create an inclusive space for social gathering, to manage our financial resources responsibly and to minimize our campus community’s impact on the environment.

Get Started

Step 1

Use your UCID Login to access the Sustainable Events and Offices SharePoint. Click “Start a New Checklist” on the “Home” page. Click “New Item” to open a new checklist, or access supporting resources through the Sustainable Events Program Home page.

Step 2

Use the Sustainable Events checklist to keep track of your progress towards certification as you plan your event.

Step 3

When you have completed your checklist, click “Submit Completed Checklist” at the bottom of the form to submit it. A representative from the Sustainability Resource Centre will contact you to confirm the details of your certification and award your Bronze, Silver, or Gold badge.

Step 4

Pick up your Sustainable Events Banner from the Sustainability Resource Centre, set it up and enjoy your event.

Get Started

To learn more about the Sustainable Offices certification process, review the Getting Started Guide.

Step 1

Talk about the program with your office members! Generate some interest and get everyone on board with creating a more sustainable working environment.

Step 2

Register your office by filling out the Sustainable Offices Registration Form and sending it to Someone from our team will review it and confirm.

Step 3

Download the PDF of a badge to work towards and complete the tasks. Set goals and take action, using the Waste, Meetings, Energy and Emissions, Purchasing, or Health Wellbeing and Community checklists to keep track of your progress.

Step 4

After completing a badge checklist and practicing your sustainable habits for at least three months, submit your PDF checklist to to earn your badge. Return to Step 3 and begin a new checklist.

The Badges

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Energy and Emissions

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Health, Wellbeing & Community

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Badges Summary

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