Mackimmie Tower


Creating a high-quality, sustainable environment for teaching and learning.

UCalgary sustainable buildings:


Conserve energy and water, and reduce greenhouse gases.


Support physical and mental well-being.


Enhance our ability to learn and be productive.


Divert tonnes of waste from the landfill.


Help the local economy by sourcing environmentally friendly materials.


Connect people in a community.

Green Building Program

Green Building Program

UCalgary is among Canada’s higher education sector leaders in supporting ecological and human health in their built environments.

All new major capital retrofits and new buildings are LEED certified and most projects are now also pursuing certification under the Canada Green Building Council’s (CaGBC) Zero Carbon Building Standard. The 381,311 square foot MacKimmie Complex is our first project certified Zero Carbon Building Design.



Recently photovoltaics (PV) were installed on the roof of MacKimmie Tower, which generate on-site electricity of over 250kW, combined with the 100kW of building-integrated PV on the skin of the Hunter Student Commons.  Additionally, the roof of the Hunter Student Commons is designed to receive over an additional 350kW of PV, bringing the total on-site generation to over 600kW, which meets 40% of the building's total energy demand.

Mathison Hall

Mathison Hall

When it opens in 2022, Mathison Hall will offer business students a state-of-the-art learning environment, provide much-needed classroom space and propel the Haskayne School of business to the next level. This project is striving to meet the requirements of the CaGBCs Zero Carbon Building Standard and LEED Platinum certification for Building Design and Construction.



Facilities provides an extensive list of services to the campus community, from responding to building issues and managing construction/renovation projects; to caretaking, real estate inquiries, recycling and more.