There are lots of accommodation options for international students, both on-campus and around Calgary. 

Housing options

Below are some resources to help you find the right home during your time at UCalgary.



Short-term accommodations

When you arrive in Calgary, you may need to arrange a short-term place to stay if you arrive early or to give you time to find a long-term off-campus rental.


On-campus housing

Living on campus is a great option for international students. Students can get more time to study and explore, more opportunities for meeting new friends, and more academic and mental health support.


Off-campus housing

Calgary offers a variety of off-campus rental accommodation options: apartments, duplexes, single houses, suites, and room and board. We have tips and resources to help you find your off-campus housing.

Renter rights and responsibilities

Content insurance

You need to purchase content or tenant insurance. It helps to address any lost property or expenses if your belongings are lost or damaged.

If you bought insurance before coming to Canada, check your policy to see if content insurance is included.We recommend you obtain a few estimates before selecting a contents insurance coverage provider.    

Lease agreement

Before you move in to your accommodation, you and your landlord need to agree to the terms of your rental agreement in a contract. This contract is called a rental agreement. A written agreement is strongly encouraged.

There are laws in Alberta that specifically relate to landlords and tenants. Make sure you know what your obligations are as a renter, and what's allowed of your landlord. Learn more.


International Student Services housing articles

Protect yourself from rental scams

The vacancy rate in Calgary is low right now, which means two things - there are lots of people looking for places to rent, and there are dishonest people running scams that prey on would-be renters.

Many Calgary neighbourhoods are great places to live while studying

Unlimited access to public transit coupled with multiple transit routes servicing campus means there are tons of neighbourhoods you can choose to live in and still have quick access to the university.

I’m looking for off-campus housing. What questions should I ask potential roommates?

Living with roommates is a common practice during university. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a roommate interview.

Your guide to living off-campus

Here are a few things to consider for your accommodation search.