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Get involved

Whether you're an international or Canadian student, there are a lot of ways you can get involved with the International Student Services office. 

Ways to get involved

If you want to develop your professional skills and earn some volunteer experience while supporting international student programming, we encourage you to get involved with one of the many volunteer positions we offer in our office.

Study volunteer opportunities

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Language sharing program

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Mentorship program

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International student stories

Read more about international student stories

Student staff opportunities

The Program Assistant (PA) team supports the day-to-day operations of ISS, and coordinates some of our central programs. PAs have access to a shared workspace in ISS. They're expected to work collaboratively with other PAs and ISS staff to create a positive experience for students who come in for help and advice. 

Review the position descriptions below and submit your application(s) through Careerlink

Position summary: Assists with several programs and items for new international students including Welcome Webinars, International Student Orientation, International Student Stories, and New-to-Calgary tours. 

Full position description

CareerLink ID: 74469

Status: Closed

Position summary: Uses multiple communication channels to lead engagement with community and students, promote events, and design and implement informational campaigns for the UCalgary international student audience, as well as support the pilot of the Birthday Program.

Full position description

CareerLink ID: 74468

Status: Closed

Position summary: Facilitates a variety of social events and activities remotely to help UCalgary international students make friends and experience UCalgary campus culture. 

Full position description

CareerLink ID: 74461

Status: Closed

Position summary: Supports the mentorship program for new international students through program coordination and communication, as well as provide participant and event support. 

Full position description

CareerLink ID: 74467

Status: Closed

Position summary: Coordinates student volunteer needs in ISS including training and recruitment. Supports the USpeak Global language-sharing program by helping students with families participate in events to build community among student families, and supports the pilot program of the Intercultural Capacity-Building training program.

Full position description

CareerLink ID: 74466

Status: Closed

Participate in research

Help support researchers in their work by applying to participate in a research study. Some studies may compensate you for your contributions.

  • Details: Have you moved to Canada in the past 10 years? Do you help or receive help from family members with translating things to and from English? If yes, The Immigrant Education Society would like to hear from you as they are interested in learning more about how immigrant families communicate.
  • Time Requirement: Two interviews, 45–60 minutes each
  • Incentive: $30 gift card
  • Questions: IAC@ucalgary.ca


  • Details: Are you a current UCalgary student diagnosed with Autism or who self-identifis as Autistic? Participate in this study to help UCalgary researchers better understand the challenges you face while in university.
  • Incentive: $25 e-gift card
  • Questions: enhancelab@ucalgary.ca